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Her biggest role is definitely of Joan in a TV series called Mad Men.
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When, towards the end of filming, he began to suffer backache, Andy put it down to his training schedule.He consulted sports physicians but none could diagnose the problem. ‘Sometimes he would lie on the floor howling like a woman giving birth,’ says Vashti.The affected lymphocytes lose their infection-fighting properties, increasing vulnerability to infection.Andy’s back pain was the result of a mass of tumours pressing against his spinal column.He left seven-year-old Jesse and four-year-old Indigo with a beautiful image to remember him by.‘In his final words to them, Andy said he had to go to sleep as his body didn’t work, that he was like a butterfly with broken wings, but he would always be with them, watching over them,’ says Vashti.He had to stay in a hospice for a week,’ says Vashti. It took everything he had to sit up and pull them on to his knee then say goodbye. Three days before his death, drifting in and out of consciousness, Andy returned to the hospice.

In May 2011, Andy embarked on his final round of chemo. ‘The oncologist said nothing more could be done with chemotherapy and referred us to a radiotherapist.

‘Rather like bugs and antibiotics, some cancer cells can become resistant to chemotherapy.

The resistant cancer cells are the ones that continue to grow and so you have to try a different type of chemotherapy.’Without treatment Andy had three months to live, while even with further intervention a successful outcome was far less likely.

It was now a case of trying to manage the cancer rather than cure it,’ says Vasti. By Andy’s sixth radiotherapy session in July, he was in agony.

‘He had become so weak he couldn’t climb the stairs to our apartment.