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Dating someone who has bipolar

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Being in a committed relationship with someone who has bipolar disorder is a tremendous challenge. The statistics vary according to the source, but most experts quote rates two or three times higher than the national average. Spouses with bipolar disorder are likely to have a different impression of their marriage than their husband or wife.A huge proportion of the emails and messages I receive are from people who need information and support for relationship issues that arise out of one (or both) partner’s bipolar disorder. A common – but staggering – statistic that gets bandied about is that 90% of marriages involving at least one bipolar spouse will end in divorce. During episodes of mania, someone with bipolar disorder is likely to do things that are particularly destructive. For example, a married person with bipolar disorder is often not aware of the full impact their disorder has on their partner, children, or other family members.

Aside from significant others, relationships where more than one person has bipolar disorder may occur a lot within families as the illness has such a strong genetic component.Much of what is online is anecdotal and often badly misinformed.A great article did appear in bp Hope, showing that these relationships can succeed: Marriage and Bipolar Disorder.A 2001 study by Dore and Romans found significant others reported serious difficulties in their relationships with the bipolar partner when s/he was unwell, with considerable impact on their own employment, finances, legal matters, co-parenting and other social relationships.Violence was a particular worry for partners when their spouse was manic.I also like this short piece by Dr Jim Phelps on Relationships with Bipolar People.