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Updating sop

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The standard information structure offered by SAP is S076.

It contains the characteristics and key figures as shown in the below figure.

Standard SOP uses a characteristics combination Product group Plant Production Version.

Whereas in flexible planning one could use characteristics combinations such as: The information such as sales quantities, production quantities, is stored in a key figure.

You may end up dangerously hurt if you try to create your own application and the application update groups and the necessary configuration baggage.

Once the Information structure is created, generated and saved, it gets an “active/saved status.

(Motor B48 can not yet be done) We offer : Software power increase Stage 1, Stage 2, catalyst removal, removal of particulate filter, removal of EGR, removal of the speed limiter.

Deciding the key figures in an information structure can be easier than deciding the characteristics.

One could choose the sales quantities entered in the sales order as a key figure rather than selecting the delivered sales quantities as a key figure since an organization should always be fascinated in a proactive planning which is based on the potential interests shown in their products rather than planning based on what they have ended up selling in the last period.

SAP also offers predefined information structures that you can use for the standard SOP [Standard sales and operation planning (S076)] while on the other hand, SAP offers a provision to create your own self defined information structures for pulling historical sales data (defined in terms of key figures) lying at various organization units or levels (as defined in terms of characteristics) The standard Information structure, which is used for standard SOP (S076) updates the sales quantities, for a given product group/material, plant and production version, characteristics combination on a real time basis.

Whereas a self-defined information structure (created manually in configuration) can be used to gather the sales quantities (order quantities) or sales value for a given organization level combination – for example - sales organization, distribution channel, division, material combination.